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​Sciatica FAQs Answered by Dr. Charles Wilkerson

​Sciatica FAQs in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Sciatica FAQs in Stone Mountain, Georgia

When you have lower back pain you may be actually suffering from sciatica. These two conditions are commonly treated here at Stoneview Injury and Wellness Clinic. Find out the facts about sciatica with information from our Stone Mountain, GA chiropractor. 

What is Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatic nerve pain is a condition in which the sciatic nerve is pinched. This nerve travels from the lower back in the buttocks down each leg. Sciatica is the result of tissue pressing against the nerve. This can occur from inflammation or an unaligned musculoskeletal system. 

What are Symptoms of Sciatica?

If you have sciatica the symptoms include burning in the area of the pinched nerve. Other signs of sciatica include numbness and tingling along the side where the nerve is pressed against. You may have difficulty and pain when standing, sitting, or walking.

What is the Difference Between Sciatica and Lower Back Pain?

Sciatica will almost always occur on one side of the body. Lower back pain causes pain that radiates from both sides of the lower back. Additionally, lower back pain may involve red, swollen back muscles. Sciatica starts in the extreme lower back area of the buttocks. 

What are the Chiropractic Treatments for Sciatica?

Our Stone Mountain GA chiropractor will begin with a chiropractic adjustment to realign the musculoskeletal system. This will help alleviate any inflammation or swelling of the tissue. In addition, an adjustment will increase circulation with endorphins, which are natural pain relieving hormones. This aids in natural pain relief due to sciatica, while reduced inflammation treats the nerve condition. 

Contact Our Stone Mountain, GA Chiropractor

If you are looking for a Stone Mountain chiropractor to handle your sciatic nerve pain, Dr. Wilkerson is here to assist you. At the Stoneview Injury and Wellness Clinic, Dr. Wilkerson offers you a chiropractic consultation and diagnosis, along with treatment for sciatica. In addition, we provide treatment for lower back pain, as well as regular chiropractic adjustments to keep your health and wellness in prime shape. Call our office today at 404-299-9066 to schedule your appointment for sciatica treatment.

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